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About Brigette

I am a full spectrum doula and a Midwife.


My first exposure to birth came when I was a child. I was invited to watch the VHS tape of my next door neighbor's birth at her 8th birthday party. Her mother is a midwife, so this ritual was normal activity for their family! I had never seen anything like it and I was mesmerized. It was in this moment that the seeds of a future career in birth work were sowed.

Many years later, I studied Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of California Berkeley and my interest in supporting birthing people grew. After graduating in 2012, I attended a doula training with Cornerstone Doula Trainings and immediately formed my practice. I attended births for several years as a doula before enrolling in Midwifery shcool at the National Midwifery Institute in 2017.  I apprenticed with Mothercraft Midwifery, one of the busiest homebirth practices in San Francisco, under Kara Engelbrecht. I became a Licensed Midwife in 2021 after completing that program and passing the licensing exam by the California Medical Board and currently offer midwifery services through Homebody Midwifery.

I would be honored to be a part of your journey and support you during your birth. I believe every birthing person should have access to doula care and deserves an opportunity to have their ideal birth, whatever way that looks for them. 

All genders, races, and family structures are celebrated and welcomed in this practice.

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