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($250 plus refundable security deposit)

Features include: 

  • Heating system designed to maintain the desired water temperature (not heat from cold)

  • Can hold temperature up to 3 days    Sturdy support that can hold weight of support people leaning on the sides   

  • Size can accommodate 2 adults with easy access (5 ft. in diameter) 

  • Efficient filling takes 40-60 minutes  

  • Pump for easy draining

Learn more about AquaDoulas here

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Inflatable Tub

($120 plus refundable security deposit)

Features include: 

  • Easy inflatable set-up with inflation device included

  • adjustable height  

  • Build-in seat and cup holder 

  • Two different sizes available

  • Soft floor chamber and rim that is comfortable to lean over and lean on 

  • Pump for easy draining

*Note: Inflatable tubs DO NOT hold temperature

Learn more about Infatable tubs here


Water birth is an effective and natural form of pain relief during labor. 

Immersion in warm water during labor can:

  • Reduce anxiety and discomfort through deep relaxation


  • Replace gravity with buoyancy, increasing your mobility


  • Relax your pelvic floor, allowing it to gently stretch while reducing the risk of tearing

Rental Details

Pick up and drop off is done from my house in Fairfax, CA (if you live in San Francisco and are interested in renting a tub from me, please note this in the form below and we can discuss alternatives).

You must return the tub with in one week of the birth birth. All sanitation is done by me. A disposable liner is included with each tub and should be disposed of after.

All components for set up of the tubs are included in the kits, however each client is responsible for purchasing their own (clean) garden hose for filling and emptying.

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