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Prenatal and Birth Offerings
**I am currently in the process of transitioning out of my doula practice and into my midwifery practice and am only offering doula services to repeat clients, multips, and folks planning homebirths**

Basic Package

The Basic package provides the following:

  • An initial consultation interview

  • Availability by phone, text, and email throughout your pregnancy

  • Three prenatal meetings done in your home or over Zoom

  • Education around comfort measures during labor including breathing techniques and labor positions

  • Curated guidance for you partner or support person

  • Access to a large referral network of other holistic practitioners and resources  

  • Support creating a “Birth Plan” plus access to my birth preferences template

  • On-call access to me from 38-42 weeks

  • Active labor support starting in active labor through the entirety of your delivery and until 1-2 hours postpartum

  • One postpartum follow-up visit providing a chance for us to debrief the birth and set you up for your postpartum period

Comprehensive Package

I am a Licensed Midwife which qualifies me to offer additional skilled services that are out of the scope of support for most doulas. In the Comprehensive package, I provide an extra layer of oversight and care that is designed for folks who desire and are committed to having an unmedicated birth, allowing my clients to safely labor at home as long as possible before our eventual trip to the hospital. This package is also great for clients who would feel comforted by an extra level of surveillance before they arrive at the hospital, regardless of their desire for an unmedicated birth. 


The Comprehensive package provides the following in addition to my Basic Doula services:

  • Natural home induction protocol, if needed, including at-home vaginal sweeps and exams

  • 24 hour clinical phone support from 38-42 weeks providing you with access to another trained/skilled clinician outside of your OB/GYN or doctor.

  • At-home monitoring of baby and birthing person during labor; Including an assessment of baby’s well-being through fetal heart tone auscultation, supervision of birthing person's vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, input and output) and cervical checks (if desired). 

  • Collaborative decision-making surrounding when to make the trip to the hospital.

Hybrid Midwifery Care
billable with most PPO insurance plan

Find information about Hybrid Midwifery Care through Homebody Midwifery

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