San Francisco, CA

“I highly recommend Brigette. She is amazing and was an essential part of my birth experience with my first baby. Having never considered doula services until I was 8 months pregnant, I can't imagine how I would have made it through my natural birth without her there by my side. She has a positive and supportive energy that helped guide me, and she instinctively knew what to do and say to me when the going got tough. Thank you Brigette!”



San Francisco, CA 

“There was a moment in my labor that I was really out of control in. I remember I was on the hospital bed on all fours just out of my mind. Then Brigette started fanning air on my whole body and by doing that, and having the instinct to do that, it made me able to get a hold of myself and push forward.  I was weak and that moment for me defined my entire experience with Brigette there. It was like she was a light to me that I didn’t even know I longed for.”




San Francisco, CA

"We are so very happy that we had Brigette as our doula. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I was confident that she was the one!! She is professional, calm, flexible, trustworthy and very warmhearted. She made me feel like she was a long-time-friend who is a professional at supporting families at birth. It was very helpful that she offered that she would be there at birth to do anything we needed from baby sitting for our 3-year-old to supporting my partner and to be an advocate or to run off to get some coffee! As I started having early contractions, we exchanged lots of text messages to check my progress. She was so quick in responding and helped me feel reassured that everything was going well. Her words were comforting and encouraging. Thanks to this I spent just enough time in the hospital! She was amazing throughout the delivery. She handled the hospital staff and procedures so I didn't have to deal with them. She was a great support to my partner. She even took my placenta home with her and made placenta capsules! I highly recommend Brigette as your doula!"





San Francisco, CA

“Brigette was our advocate throughout the birthing process. She supported both myself and my husband and made sure we were familiar with all the different options and terminology.  During labor and delivery, she was both an emotional and physical support.  She gave us insight and helped to keep us grounded during the more difficult situations.  She most importantly helped us to achieve our goal of a natural labor even though we were faced with subtle complications.  She was wonderful, loving, and kind- just what we needed and expected of an individual who was assisting us with such a private and special moment in our lives.  We whole-heartedly recommend Brigette for any mama looking for a doula.”





San Francisco, CA

“My experience having Brigette as my doula was excellent, I am very glad we hired her, and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth doula. Not only is Brigette extremely friendly, positive, and very comfortable, she is also technically knowledgeable, reliable, and an excellent communicator. I wanted to hire a doula as I didn't know what to expect during the birth, and more than anything, wanted someone whom I could trust and had the experience that I lacked to be there for my birth. Brigette was all of this and more. 

We met twice before the birth and she answered all our questions. Leading up to the birth, I felt good knowing Brigette was going to be there. During the birth, she was great, coaching me through contractions and through the pushing phase. Afterwards she stayed with me while my husband was out of the room with the baby, making sure I was feeling ok, getting me juice, etc. Overall, I'm very happy to have worked with Brigette and had her helping me through my labor and delivery.




Marin County,  CA

“In total we interviewed close to 10 people. Brigette stood out to us as the most easy going, gentle, individual with a good sense of situational awareness and communication skills (do NOT read passive, just not aggressive). In my opinion these assets become very important to blending into a good team in a hospital setting where there are a lot of dominant personalities...Brigette read and supported both of us throughout the labor and I am truly impressed with her ability to smoothly transition through the fluid birthing process. She came by the day we got home from the hospital to check in and deliver the placenta capsules...She doesn't impose her own ideas of what labor and delivery should look like onto you. She just helps you find what is right for you.




Marin County, CA

“I can't say enough about how great it was to have Brigette as our Doula. She was professional but also very warm and loving. It was my third child and he came very quickly after a few weeks of confusing labor signals with lots of random intense contractions. She was there checking in daily starting a month before my due date. My son was born early and nearly even in the car on the way there and I felt like Brigette could have handled it even if we had to have an emergency birth at home, though I'm glad she didn't have to! My son was born just minutes after we entered Marin General and Brigette was by far the most attentive one of the caregivers I had in the whole experience and really backed me up on having a completely natural childbirth (the other two were natural but it was harder without a doula to do that in hospital). Brigette was not only an incredible Doula but a great support system to our family months later when my older child went into the hospital from a near-death car accident and I needed her to take our newborn overnight. She didn't hesitate to rise to the occasion and I felt she was literally the only one who knew our family/baby/home well enough to deal with that very stressful situation. She helped me keep my milk supply going through the tough time in the intensive care unit with my older son. The placenta pills she prepared for me also seemed to help with postpartum recovery as I bounced back very fast even at forty after third kid! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone!

Serving Marin County, San Francisco, Sonoma County, and East Bay

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