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Postpartum Services
(I have limited availability for postpartum services and may not be offering them at this time)

Day Services

  • Newborn education and care: handling, feeding, bathing, swaddling, etc. 

  • Infant soothing techniques

  • Light housekeeping including straightening up, organization, laundry, emptying dishwasher and work pertaining to the baby

  • Running errands, preparing grocery lists, and shopping

  • Meal preparation based on the nutritional needs of Postpartum women

  • Postpartum care and recovery

  • Breastfeeding support and education

  • Sleep education

  • Emotional support for new transitioning family

  • Assistance creating a flexible eating/sleeping routine for you and baby

Singleton: $50 per hour
Twins: $60 per hour

Overnight Services

  • I will wake with baby and bring baby to you for a feeding. If you are bottle feeding, I will feed baby while you keep resting

  • During your feeding, I will prepare you a snack if needed and straighten up.

  • After feeding, I will burp, change, swaddle, and sooth baby to sleep.

Singleton: $400 per night
Twins: $450 per night