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I was trained as a doula in 2013 through Cornerstone Doula Trainings. I began doing volunteer births at San Francisco General Hospital until I started my own practice in 2014. Previous to doula work, I interned with two different Bay Area midwifery practices where I was able to observe care for women in clinic and during their births.

However, my journey to birth work began long before this. While growing up, my neighbor’s mom was a midwife. I was enamored by her. My introduction to birth was on her daughters 8th birthday when her family, me included, all sat down to watch the home video of her birth, a tradition they carried out with incredible normalcy.  I couldn’t take my eyes away from that video.

Years later, I studied Gender and Women’s Studies at UC Berkeley. I have practiced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since a young age and found a language for my experience of being female in a male dominated sport through Gender studies. As an undergraduate, I spent my days steeped in feminist theory, reading it, analyzing it, trying to locate it everywhere. Upon graduating, birth work seemed like a natural extension of this work.  I enrolled in Midwifery school in 2017.  I am currently enrolled in the National Midwifery Institute and apprenticing with Kara Engelbrecht of Mothercraft Midwifery.  I continue to practice as a doula while I go through Midwifery school.

I would be honored to be a part of your journey and support you during your birth. I believe every birthing person should have access to doula care and deserves an opportunity to have their ideal birth, whatever way that looks for them.

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Serving Marin County, San Francisco, Sonoma County, and East Bay

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