Placenta Encapsulation


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Why Should I Encapsulate?


Most mammals eat their placenta after giving birth! And it makes sense- your placenta regulates many essential hormones that are at an all time high during your pregnancy and birth. Once you give birth, out goes the source of those hormones, not to mention up to 1/10th of a woman's blood volume! Because of this many women experience a heavy energy and hormonal crash in their early postpartum period. Encapsulating and consuming placenta is a way to reintroduce hormones and nutrients into your body and offset fluctuations. Not only is placenta rich in your natural hormones, it contains high sources of vitamins, minerals, iron and protein which are all essential parts of the postpartum woman's diet. 


For a more comprehensive list of the benefits of placenta medicine, visit my page here.



What is in my Placenta?


-Oxytocin: bonding and love hormone

-Gonadotropin: the building block for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone

-Placental Opiod-Enhancing Factor: trigger the production of your bodies opiates and endorphins which reduce pain and increase well-being

-Human Placental Lactogen: triggers mammary gland and milk production

-Prolactin: stimulates lactation

-Gammaglobulin: boosts immune system and protects against infection

-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: helps with energy and recovery

-Urokinase Inhibiting Factor: minimizes bleeding and speeds up wound healing

-Cortisone: release energy and fights stress

-Hemoglobin: protects against iron deficiency and anemia

-Interferon: immune defense against infection

-Prostaglandins: an anti-inflammatory 


Encapsulation only: $250; click here for other add-on service options

Discount available for current birth/postpartum clients


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