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Peace, Love, and Birth

Doula Services


My story

My first exposure to birth came when I was a child. I was invited to watch the VHS tape of my next door neighbor's birth at her 8th birthday party. Her mother is a midwife, so this ritual was normal activity for their family! I had never seen anything like it and I was mesmerized. It was in this moment that the seeds of a future career in birth work were sowed....

My Services

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Prenatal and Birth

Birth work is my heart and soul. I offer both a Basic and Comprehensive Birth Doula package.

Postpartum and Placenta

Postpartum is a big time.  I offer both day and night services as well as Placenta Encapsulation services.

Birth Tub Rentals

Water is a great way integrate sensations.  I currently rent both inflatable and Aquadoula Birth tubs.  Let your water birth dreams come true!

Childbirth Education

Take a look at CBE classes I love, as well as the current Homebirth Prep classes I am offering


"Brigette read and supported both of us throughout the labor and I am truly impressed with her ability to smoothly transition through the fluid birthing process."


"I can't imagine not having Brigette at my (first) birth and postpartum - throughout the process she was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to stay calm and even maintain my sense of humor when things got tough."


"Brigette brought the ideal blend of scientific reasoning and emotional support to our experience.   I never felt a hint of judgment coming from her and she was always clear that it wasn't about her -- she was there to support us."


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Servicing Marin, San Francisco, East Bay, and parts of Sonoma County

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